"Holding On To You" - Twenty One Pilots Cover

Talent Show Update!

Thanks to all who supported us at the talent show 2014! I’ll have a video posted shortly! Stay awesome!

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The Change In Name

The band formally know as “Assumption Of The Heartless” is now “Taken By Sleep”.  We figured this name fits us better as a group for our type of music.  Stay following for music releases and other funny posts.  Also follow us on twitter @TakenBySleep! 

Don’t forget to check back on our band page often.

ArtistAssumption of the Heartless
Guess what today is!!!!

Guess what today is!!!!

I write music because I fuck everything up and it’s a release. I help myself by writing and making it into something. It sort of makes everything I do good, in a way. It’s really the only thing that makes me okay with myself. When the EP or album or whatever me and Nate will put out is done I don’t know if anyone will listen to it. If one person does though and if one person is inspired by anything, or learns from a mistake I made, all the tears and late nights and self-hatred won’t matter anymore.